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Field Trips

Bidwell Park provides an excellent and accessible opportunity to teach valuable lessons of the natural world.  For over thirty years, the Chico Creek Nature Center has provided quality educational programs on the natural systems of Bidwell Park to elementary school students, using the park as a classroom.

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Offerings include:

Aquatic Investigation Description and Standards.pdfLower Park Discovery Walk Description and Standards.pdfUpper Park Discovery Hike Description and Standards.pdfMeet Our Animals Description and Standards.pdfScat Lab.pdfSkulls and Pelts Lab Description and Standards.pdfTopography and Erosion Lab Description and Standards.pdf


Field trips are available during September and October, and April and May, Wednesday – Friday with 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM start times. Please fill out the registration form to begin the process of booking a field trip.  You can also contact the Chico Creek Nature Center staff directly at (530) 815-5259 to ask questions.  Please keep in mind your trips are not booked until you receive a confirmation email with the attached permit(s).

30 Minute Field Trip $75/per class

60 Minute Field Trip $110/per class

90 Minute Field Trip $150/per class

*In Upper Bidwell Park

**Additional fees apply